What is a research study?

A research study is an organized program that is designed to answer a question. Any research study that collects information about people or uses existing information is considered human subjects research.

Am I able to participate?

All research studies have specific requirements a person must qualify for before being asked to join. These criteria (based on such factors as age, gender, medical history, and health status) identify appropriate participants for whom the research is relevant, minimize the risks those participants face, and help researchers to answer the research questions.

Can I choose what group I'm in?

Research studies compare different treatments. The best research studies randomly assign participants into treatment groups. It's like flipping a coin to determine which group you're in. If you don't agree to be randomly assigned to a group, you should not sign up for a research study.

What makes weight loss research studies different from community weight loss programs?


Researchers will be collecting data. You should not participate if you're unwilling to complete the data collection. It may include measurements of your height and weight, blood pressure, lab tests for cholesterol and HbA1c, and questionnaires about your health history, habits, and ideas.

Why should I participate?

Research studies are great opportunities to get treatment for free and to contribute to the greater good by helping researchers improve treatment programs.