The UNC Weight Research Program primarily conducts randomized controlled trials to evaluate different interventions for treatment of overweight or for weight gain prevention.


SNAP is designed to teach young adults age 18-35 strategies that can help them adopt healthier lifestyles and prevent the weight gain that typically occurs in this age group. This study is testing two novel approaches: a Small Changes approach based on small daily changes in intake and activity, and a Large Changes approach which focuses on creating a weight loss buffer against weight gains over time.

Lose Now PA

Lose Now PA integrates an Internet-delivered weight loss program into the primary care setting by allowing primary care providers to monitor their patients’ adherence to the program and their weight outcomes.


CHOICE (Choose Healthy Options Consciously Everyday) focused on making simple changes in the diets of healthy overweight men and women ages 18-65 in order to lose weight. Participants were randomized to replace caloric beverages with water or diet beverages in order to achieve modest calorie deficits each day compared to general healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Early taxonomy

The EARLY Taxonomy study is designed to decompose the interventions in the NIH-funded Early Adult Reduction of weight through LifestYle (EARLY) Consortium to discover which behavior change techniques are used and which of these techniques are important for weight control and promoting healthy behaviors in young adults.  The Consortium consists of 7 trials across the country simed at reducing weight or preventing unhealthy weight gain in young adults (including SNAP above).

fit moms

FitMoms/Mamas Activas is an intervention to reduce post-partum weight retention in English and Spanish speaking low-income women participating in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) in California.  The intervention combines a web and mobile intervention with periodic in person groups.

lose now nc

Lose Now NC combines monthly group sessions with an interactive Internet program to help overweight adults in the Kannapolis, NC area lose weight and adopt healthier diet and exercise habits.


HealtheLife is a weight loss study examing different types of support within an online comprehensive behavioral weight loss program for overweight adults.  Participants are randomized to receive individualized therapy via e-mail feedback from their therapist or group therapy through weekly online chat sessions led by a therapist.

step up

Step Up examines methods to improve weight loss and exercise participation in healthy overweight men and women ages 18 to 55 years old.